Series: Reflection in Entrepreneurship Education

Book Chapter: Neck and Greene (2014). Reflection as a Practice in Entrepreneurship Education in Teaching Entrepreneurship a practice-based approach

Learning from practical experience through reflection is core to experiential entrepreneurship education. In this book chapter, instructors find a brief intro on the fundamentals of reflection and practical advice on integrating reflective thinking into the entrepreneurial classroom. The chapter is available at CBS’ library: Link to CBS Library

Research Article: Critical event recognition: Lindh and Thorgren (2016). An extended view of reflective learning in Management Learning 47, 5, pp. 525-542

Part of the capability to reflect is to recognize critical events. Research has shown that critical events provide an excellent opportunity for deep learning. This article helps instructors understand how students recognize critical events and offer pedagogical advice for creating environments that foster students’ reflections. The article is available at CBS’ library: Link to CBS Library

Resource: Transformational Reflection Journal

A standard method for reflection in entrepreneurship education is journaling. Our Transformational Reflection Journal is a tool for students to reflect upon their entrepreneurial experiences by carefully guiding them to abstract and learn from their experiences. The journal is multi-functional and can be used over entire courses or single exercises. Instructors can use the tool for individual written student reflections or as a guide for group reflections. The Transformational Reflection Journal is available below.