CapLab focuses on three transformational capabilities, namely reflection, abstraction and thinking by analogy.


Learn from Experience
We understand reflection as the ability to learn from experiences. The recent trend towards action- and problem-oriented forms of teaching makes the question how students can ‘translate’ class or studio experiences into transferrable forms of knowledge particularly relevant to education.


Distill ideas from Facts
We define abstraction is the ability to distill ideas from facts or events. In fast changing work environments, students need to develop new concepts far more often than simply applying existent ones, making abstraction a capability that the labor market actively requires.


Transfer and connect Knowledge
Thinking by analogy allows individuals to transfer and connect their knowledge and develop new ideas. In the context of grand challenges, which often require not just interdisciplinary knowledge but also leaps of the imagination, analogical thinking advances to a particularly timely capability for problem solving and a great interest of CBS students.