Our Mission

It is paradigm to Copenhagen Business School’s (CBS) new strategy to prepare students for grand societal challenges and an ever-changing business environment. CapLab (short for Capabilities Lab) is a strategic initiative centrally funded by CBS and carried out by an interdisciplinary group of researchers that aims at purposefully integrating transformational capabilities into CBS’ educational portfolio.


To incorporate transformational capabilities purposefully into CBS education, we plan to create a “Get Ready to Learn @CBS and Beyond” video package that entails short videos and exercises preparing incoming CBS students for different forms and strategies of learning. In addition, we develop a blended teaching exercise on managing difficult conversations in business settings. The multi-media exercise, applicable to all programs at CBS, entails an extensive debriefing pedagogy which aims at developing students’ reflection, abstraction and thinking by analogy capability.

Faculty development

To empower CBS faculty towards engaging with transformational capabilities, we prepare an interactive faculty development course to raise awareness on the role of transformational capabilities at CBS and to help our faculty developing tactics to integrate them into their diverse teaching activities. Moreover, we provide teaching resources, insights from research and experts and information material for faculty on our website.


To advance our own understanding of transformational capabilities and to provide accessible knowledge to all stakeholders at CBS, we engage in interdisciplinary research on reflection, abstraction and thinking by analogy, which informs our educational efforts and our faculty development program.

Copenhagen Business School is committed to developing Transformational Capabilities in and through education. CBS graduates master what we call the “Nordic-9” capabilities, committing themselves to intellectual leadership with the goal of transforming society with business. Overcoming an isolated analysis of business, graduates transcend organizations, individuals and society as much as the current and future world challenges transcend them. CapLab is a strategic initiative exploring innovative forms of education that advance graduates’ lives, wellbeing and careers. Leveraging CBS’ unique Nordic heritage, we prioritize the exploration of big questions and develop support structures for venturing into transformative and interdisciplinary projects.

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